Does your Field Services business need an easy to use Job Management System?

Introducing ServiceM8

ServiceM8 is a cloud-based software platform that provides a range of tools for managing field service operations. It is designed to help small and medium-sized businesses streamline their workflows and automate their day-to-day operations.

ServiceM8 offers features such as job scheduling, job management, quoting, invoicing, time tracking, and more, all accessible from a web-based dashboard or mobile app.

With ServiceM8, field service businesses can track their jobs and employees in real-time, manage their customer database, and automate many of their administrative tasks. It is particularly popular among tradespeople, such as electricians, plumbers, and HVAC technicians, but can be used by any business that provides field services.

ServiceM8 integrates with a range of other software platforms, including accounting software like Xero and QuickBooks, as well as other tools like Zapier and Stripe. This makes it a flexible and customizable solution that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of different businesses.

Simple, affordable pricing

Plans start at

$9 AUD / Month

  • 14 day free trial
  • Free accounting integration
  • Unlimited staff/users
  • Unlimited storage
  • 24/7 support

Beetle Digital is a ServiceM8 Partner

Beetle Digital are your Mackay, QLD based ServiceM8 integration experts. We work with small to medium businesses that need assistance in implementing 3rd party software applications including ServiceM8, website development, hosting, software and hardware sales.

Contact us for a consultation to see if ServiceM8 suits your business needs, and for setup and integration assistance.

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ServiceM8 has a HUGE set of features:

Field Service Management

Job Management

Access all client and job details from the field, anywhere, anytime. Field staff have all the info they need to get the job done.

Job History

Access a full history of work done for every client, including notes, photos, emails, and messages - anywhere.

Checklists & Tasks

Use checklists and task lists to ensure jobs are done right the first time, every time.

Photos & Videos

Take photos and record videos from within ServiceM8 and they’re saved instantly to the job, forever.

Signature Capture

Record proof that your customer is happy to proceed with a job or pay for completed work.

Dispatch Map

Visually see where your staff are in real time, to stay in tune and make better decisions.

Powerful Job Search

Bring up past jobs instantly. Search for anything from client name, job number or materials used.

Integrated Navigation

Get directions to the job site in two taps. Staff won't ever get lost again!

Technician Status

View live staff locations & job progress as technicians navigate to jobs & check in on arrival.


Drag-and-drop Scheduling

Simply drag new jobs onto the desired time and staff member to schedule them.

Access Anywhere, Anytime

Access to your business's full job schedule, wherever you are.

Schedule Updates

Employees are instantly notified of any changes to their schedule.

Allocation Windows

Allocate flexible jobs to a booking window rather than a specific time.

Instant Dispatch

Instantly dispatch urgent jobs by simply dragging the job directly onto the desired staff member.

Job Reminders

Automatic alerts remind you when to leave for your next booking, so you're always on time. It even calculates travel time.

Booking Confirmations

Send clients an email or text confirmation of their booking with a single tap, as part of the scheduling workflow.

Booking Suggestions

ServiceM8 will suggest booking times, which take into account staff schedules and leave, and allow for travel time from prior jobs.

SMS Booking Links

Easily coordinate booking times using SMS Booking links. Text the link and clients can choose a time that works for them & your business.

Quoting & Invoicing

Easy Invoicing

Create professional invoices in seconds, then email, text, print or even post them to your client while you're still on site.


Create and manage quotes, and easily turn them into invoices once the work is done.

Online Quote Acceptance

Allow your customers to view and accept your quotes online.

Beautiful Templates

Select from our range of beautiful and professional template designs, which will include your logo automatically.

Live Statements

Automatically send clients a link to all outstanding invoices. The statement portal will update as invoices are paid, and new invoices added.

Quote Options

Produce several quote options and issue them to the client for online consideration and acceptance.


Prebuild kits of labour and materials into preset 'Bundles' to streamline your quoting, invoicing & profitability.

Time Tracking

Billable Time Tracking

Easily check in & out of jobs to track your billable hours on site, and save this with the job's history.

Shift Time Tracking

Staff can clock on and off their shift directly in the ServiceM8 app, making payroll easier.

Auto Check In/Out

ServiceM8 can detect your arrival at your next job & automatically check you in if you forget.

Auto Clock On/Off

If staff forget to clock on or off their shift, ServiceM8 can assess their activity and do it automatically.

Smart Labour

Easily apply tracked time on site to a select labour rate, making charging for your time fast and accurate.

Auto Payroll Timesheets

Export staff timesheets to Xero, QuickBooks Online or MYOB to streamline your payroll.


Mobile Credit Card Processing

Simply type in the client’s credit card number and charge them on site. You’ll process the transaction then and there.

Online Invoice Payment

Email your customers an invoice that they can pay online via credit or debit card, or Apple Pay.

Apple Pay Support

Online bookings & invoices can also be paid via Apple Pay, Google Pay or Microsoft pay, making it easier to get paid.

Auto-Pay Recurring Jobs

Clients have the option to pay future Recurring Job invoices automatically when paying by card.

Contactless Payment

Present a QR code on screen for clients to pay on their own phone via Apple Pay or Google Pay, with nothing but your iPhone.


Email & Text

Email and message clients directly from ServiceM8, with all client communication saved to their job card.

Customer Replies

See all client communication on jobs, with customer reply emails automatically synced to ServiceM8.

Email & Text Templates

SMS and email templates save time and provide a consistent, professional message to clients.

On-the-Way Messages

Automatically SMS clients to notify them you're on the way to the job, with an estimated time of arrival.

Activity Feed

Communicate with all staff using a live activity feed - update everyone on housekeeping matters, ask advice or share tips and tricks.

Real Time

See real-time updates of job progress on site.

Two Way SMS

Activate a messaging portal with your branding for easy communication with clients via text. Customer replies save to the relevant job Diary in ServiceM8.

Staff Messaging

Use instant messaging in ServiceM8 to promote efficient communication between field & office staff.

Track My Arrival

Let clients track your progress towards their job address, keeping them in the loop & adding a professional touch to your customer experience.


Powerful Mobile App

The ServiceM8 app has impressive communication, navigation, quoting, job management and invoicing capability, tailored for ease of use in the field.

ServiceM8 for Apple Watch

Receive and reply to staff messages from your wrist, keep track of how long you’ve been on site, and view job details at a glance.

Offline Access

Field staff can access all job information without internet connectivity, and any updates will automatically sync when connectivity is restored.

iPhone & iPad

Software designed for specific hardware means the app provides a seamless experience on both your iPhone and iPad.

Barcode Scanning

When adding materials to invoices, you can select Barcode Scan. Just hold the camera over the barcode and it will instantly scan.

Siri Shortcuts Support

Ask Siri for ServiceM8-related information, to perform specific tasks in ServiceM8, or open ServiceM8 directly to a specific view.

Photo Markup

Mark up job photos in the ServiceM8 iPad app, saved to the job Diary. Supports use with Apple Pencil.

Apple Exclusive

Solely focusing on the Apple platform means a fast, high quality and reliable app which keeps pace with your business.

Document Scanning

ServiceM8 will auto-detect and focus on a document, and once captured, crop the image to save to the job in a high-resolution PNG format.

AI Photo Tagging

The ServiceM8 camera's field of view is analysed in real time, and the captured image automatically tagged e.g. ‘Smoke Alarm’, ‘Switch’, ‘Shower’.


Draw & save diagrams through the ServiceM8 app, saved directly against the job record.

Latest iOS features

We take advantage of iOS feature updates faster, keeping the app and your business at the cutting edge of modern field service technology.

Voice Photo Tagging

Say “Tag Before Job” or “Tag After Job” prior to photo capture, and it will automatically apply the tag to that photo and any that follow.

AR Measure

Take measurements in virtual reality using the ServiceM8 camera, then apply them when developing quotes or completing forms.

Share to Facebook & Instagram

Share photos saved to a job straight into a new Facebook or Instagram post.


Professional PDF Forms

Create customized forms and reports to suit your business needs, such as inspection reports, certificates of compliance and safety assessments.

Simple to Complete

Simply working through a list of questions, staff can generate comprehensive and professional PDF reports while on site.

Easy to Build

Build forms in ServiceM8's online editor.

Flexible Question Types

Flexible question type options, photo questions, multiple choice, signature and more.

Conditional Question Skipping

Make your forms faster to complete but skipping questions that are not needed.

Form Checklist Item

Make forms a checklist item so staff don't forget to complete them.


Build checklists, safety audits, site reports, inspections reports, industry certificates and more.

Automatic Storage

All forms, certificates, reports and documents are saved to the job diary for future reference.

Form Store

An online marketplace of ServiceM8 Forms, where you can browse and buy Forms for your business.

Asset Management

Catalogue Assets

Create client-owned assets or equipment, and save their location on site.

Complete Forms

Methodically complete installation, maintenance or inspection forms on assets with the Forms Add-on.

View Service History

Open past forms against an asset, and view past responses to the same Form questions.

Asset Register & Service Reports

Generate PDF reports of all assets serviced on a job, or of all assets listed against a client.

Locate in Augmented Reality

Scan one asset’s QR Code to view & locate all others on site in Augmented Reality.

Customer Asset Portal

Customers can scan asset QR Codes to view details & report an issue online.

Online Booking

24/7 Online Booking System

Enable customers to book your services online, day or night. Customers can request a quote or service, select a time, then book it straight into your schedule.

Intelligent Quoting

Teach ServiceM8 how you price your services. Answers provided by customers while filling out the form determine the price they’re quoted.

Smart Scheduling

Set which staff are capable of performing a particular service. ServiceM8 analyses their schedules when presenting possible booking times to customers online.

Deposits & Pre-Payment

Accept pre-payment as part of the booking process via card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Microsoft Pay.

Flexible Outcomes

Create general enquiry pages, on-site quote requests, or complete service booking forms for customers.

Facebook & Google

Track visits and conversions of your Booking Pages from sources linked to Google or Facebook tracking IDs.


ServiceM8 Knowledge

Capture your business knowledge. Record & save business expertise, tips & procedures in the form of Videos or Articles.

Accessible in the Field

Staff can search videos & articles in the app to troubleshoot jobs. Knowledge will be automatically suggested in new jobs if relevant.

Knowledge Sharing

When you or your staff take the time to capture & share knowledge, it will be posted to your ServiceM8 Activity Feed for other staff to see.

ServiceM8 Phone

Integrated Phone System

Provide great customer service, streamline call workflows, and drive productive outcomes from phone enquiries.

Work Remotely

Route business calls to multiple staff members, simultaneously. Staff can make & receive calls from anywhere on iPhone, iPad, or online.

Next-level Service

All team members get Caller ID for clients, can see their active quotes and work orders on screen, then action the call in ServiceM8.

Maintain One Number

Set outgoing calls from all staff to display your business number, so clients always know it’s your business calling.

Record & Transcribe Calls

Phone call recordings and transcripts automatically save to the ServiceM8 job card they’re related to.

Click to Call

Call clients with a single click from their job card, and instantly see a client's job history on screen when they call in.


Feedback & Google Reviews

Automate email & texts to clients requesting feedback, or invite them to leave a Google review.


Automate communication with your customers. Automatically follow up quotes, send booking reminders, or request invoice payment.

Convert Emails to Jobs

Convert email enquiries into new jobs with a single click. All information and attachments are saved straight into the job diary.

Recurring Jobs & Reminders

Simplify the management of repeat work and contracts. Create a job once and schedule it to recur at set intervals.

Auto-schedule Recurring Jobs

You can set ServiceM8 to routinely process and schedule all recurring jobs, automatically.

Job Costing

Quickly gauge how profitable a job will be while you're quoting, then see how much you made after the job is complete.

Markup Billing

Quickly set material and labour prices based on their cost plus a percentage markup.

Supplier Invoice Importing

Have supplier invoices emailed directly into a job, where you can add the cost straight to your invoice.

And Many More

ServiceM8 has many add-ons that extend functionality in specific areas, or assist certain industries.


Job Reports

Built-in and automated reporting on your business. See jobs by category, job status, backlog and win/lose rates, all at a glance.

Revenue Reports

Know your numbers and monitor your cash flow with reports on invoicing, job profitability, revenue by job category, and total revenue.

Feed Reports

Receive daily and weekly reports on job status, invoicing status and productivity, delivered directly into your activity feed.

Custom Reports

Create your own reports on jobs, revenue and profitability with the built-in report builder.

Job Data Export

Export data from your ServiceM8 account and generate custom reports of your own.

Weekly Timesheets

See the total hours a staff member was on shift, and review their start & finish times. Or, export to Xero, MYOB or QuickBooks Online.



Sync clients, items, invoices, and payments with Xero, to avoid double entry & cut admin time.

Zapier - App Integrator

Build customised connections between ServiceM8 and over 500 other supported apps.

QuickBooks Online

Sync clients, items, invoices, and payments to QuickBooks Online, to avoid double entry & cut admin time.

Mailchimp Email Marketing

Daily syncing of all client emails in ServiceM8 with your MailChimp mailing list - just set and forget.


Sync clients, items, invoices, and payments with MYOB, to avoid double entry & cut admin time.

Open API & SDK

Our Application Programming Interface (API) allows developers to connect ServiceM8 to third-party apps or software.


Amazon Web Services

The ServiceM8 platform is hosted on Amazon Web Services, the world leader in cloud infrastructure.

Automatic Backups

Your account is automatically backed-up to cloud-based ServiceM8 servers in multiple locations around the world.

iPhone and iPad Data

In the event that one of your devices is lost or stolen, all data on your iPhone or iPad is encrypted.

Bank-grade Security

ServiceM8's servers are secured by SSL Certificates issued by Amazon, so all data transferred between users and ServiceM8 is encrypted.

Two-Step Authentication

An additional layer of security, requiring the entry of a code sent to your mobile device when you log in or perform certain actions.

Account Activity Log

A 90-day log of who is accessing your ServiceM8 account & when, and significant actions or changes.


Email & Chat Support

Fast advice and answers to your questions with free email and live chat support.

Partner Network

Want to fast-track your setup? Our network of independent Partners specialise in ServiceM8 consultation, setup and training.

Help Centre

Whether you're just getting started, or looking to introduce advanced features, learn at your own pace in our comprehensive help centre.

Learning Roadmap

A structured series of videos & articles to help you get the most out of ServiceM8.

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