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The Flackyard is an Australian fine dining restaurant serving local, seasonal, native food and beverages.

2Censor Pty Ltd provides remote monitoring and predictive maintenance solutions.

Karungi Camp is comfortable, affordable accommodation next to the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Southern Uganda.

Windows Run Command Shortcuts for the busy programmer, engineer, or developer.

Fascinate Me Millinery is your go to source for all things fascinators and head wear.

Mackay Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning is an Arctick accredited, locally owned and operated business specialising in Cold Room Builds & Hire, Commercial Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Services.

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This design is for the general purpose of getting your company’s information out on the internet and reaching potential customers.

Standard/Brochure websites include the following features: Basic Contact Form, Google Map, Social Media Integration, Image Gallery, Embedding YouTube Videos, Pricing Tables, FAQ Toggle Elements and Testimonial Sliders.
This does not include an online store/eCommerce, online directories/listing sites or custom development.

As we use WordPress, you will also have the option of logging in to your website and doing some small changes yourself if you choose.

This design option is for selling your products online, as well as having your information online and reaching potential customers. This includes payment gateway integration such as PayPal, Stripe and EFTPOS and also includes up to 50 individual products. If you have more products you can simply load them in yourself by logging into the backend of your website, where you can also manage your inventory and take stock. If you have a large selection and would prefer us to do it, we can assist you with loading all your products for an additional fee.

This design option is for Accommodation or Appointment Bookings Registrations, which can include Hotels, Travel Lodges, Masseuses, Chiropractors etc. A booking form will be built in, with a backend to manage appointments.
Most websites are comprised of 4 pages, eg: Home, About, Services/Products and Contact.

Your Home page welcomes the viewer, with a general summary of your company and what you have to offer. It also helps the viewer easily navigate your site. Your About page may list company history, your mission and vision, team members, company values or any information regarding your company.

Your Products or Services page is where you expand on the products or services you have. Your Contact page lists all your contact details, such as your physical address, contact number and email address. It is also good to have an enquiry form so potential clients can easily get in contact with you.

These are just the most common pages used, the amount of pages will depend on the amount of information you have.
A banner slider is comprised of images and text on multiple slides, allowing you to rotate content on a single space on your website. It’s most commonly the first thing you see (apart from the logo and menu) on a website’s home page. The purpose of the slider is to catch the attention of the viewer while being visually appealing and easy to read. It can be used to display selected information, such as promotions or highlighting specific products or services, and can also be used to easily navigate your site.

This is dependable on the amount of content you have on your website. Small websites that do not have much information 1-2 sliders will be enough. Websites with more pages and content to market will require more sliders to make the navigation of the site easily digestible for the viewer, while promoting certain products or content. We do not recommend more than 5 slides, as we find that most viewers spend a few minutes on your home page before moving on to another page and won’t view more than 5 slides.
Stock photos are professionally taken photographs that we can buy online to use commercially, without having to stress over copy-right issues. It can be used to enhance your website or in marketing material.

Stock photos can save you quite a bit of time and money, as you do not have to hire a photographer just to have some quality images for your website. While stock images cover a broad range of applications, it can be difficult to acquire pictures for a certain niche, or a specific product.
A domain name ( is essentially your company’s Internet address; the same way your company’s street address is used to find your offices, a domain name is used to find your website. Consider this: Pick a domain name that’s memorable and relevant!

Please note: Domain pricing depends on the extension, see pricing here:
When you design a website and want other people to see it, you will need to publish (or upload) it with a web hosting service.

Web hosting services work by storing your website files in high-powered computers (web servers) connected to a very fast network. When someone types in your web address (such as, the Internet connects to the web server holding your website files and then transfers your website information back to their computer. From there they can surf and view the pages of your website.

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