Tactiq – Free GPT AI Meeting Notes / Transcription Tool
Whoa, check out this huge time-saving GPT AI tool (Tactiq) for taking Meeting Notes / Transcriptions automatically. It's a Google Chrome add-on and you can use it for Google Meet, Zoom, Teams, Webex, with 10 meetings per month free.Taqtiq Link: https://tactiq.io/

It summarises the following:

- Who was in the meeting
- What the agenda of the meeting was
- Discussion details, complete with subject headers and dot points for each subject
- Next steps to take
- Action items development

This would have been great for all the non-profit / association meetings I used to attend and take minutes for!

We tested this internally and after the meeting was completed we were given the option to output the Notes to something more readable using AI. Super handy!

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